Rockin' Ubuntu For Work, New Dotfiles

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I recentlysaid goodbye to my job of three and a half years as a Developer III at Q2where I teased exciting things upcoming in the near future.

More news on the job itself soon, but for now let's talk tech!

The Laptop

I've fallen in love with thisDell XPS 13 9380with a 4k touch display and 16GB of ram shipped running Ubuntu out of the box. Coming soon are new home-office pieces such as monitors, arms, and a new desk which I'll be sure to post about when they arrive.

It came in Silver with a big Dell logo on the back before I got my hands on it, I've used somevehicle interrior Adhesive Wrap by StyleTECHtrimmed with an x-acto knife to achieve the carbon fiber look and cover up the logo. A major benefit, besides the beautiful aesthetic, are I can add stickers as I please to the laptop without fear of ruining the laptop itself.

The stickers are primarily from Redbubble as now many tech companies actually sell stickers directly - although I hope to add a DuckDuckGo official logo soon.

The Dotfiles / Config

My2019 Dotfilesare fresh and made just for this build codenamed:Space Octopus. At a glance these dotfiles useHyperterminal,Zsh (and Oh-My-Zsh)shell,Haskligfont,Agsearching,Fzffuzzy-finding andNeoVimas the primary editor.

I'm still on the lookup for a nice Window Tiler and tree browsing solution. We'll see!

I've also done a fair amount ofGnome TweaksandShell TweaksincludingDash to Paneland theFlat Remix GTK shell theme.