ember new --lang

RFC goes into final comment period for `ember new --lang` flag.

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I've been working with Joseph Sumner, Ava Wroten, Jamie White and Melanie Sumner to put together a RFC prioritized by the Ember A11y Strike team. These are talented people and I'm ever so glad I've had the chance to work with them!

Rendered RFC, Candidate Implementation, RFC PR.

This RFC introduces the --lang flag as an option for ember new, ember init, and ember addon commands within the Ember CLI. The feature targets the ember-cli build process -- specifically, when generating the file for the application's entry point at app/index.html. If the flag is used with a valid language code, it will assign the lang attribute in the file's root <html> element to that code. The lang attribute is formally defined within the current HTML5 specification; it is used to specify the base human language of an element or a document in a way that can be programmatically understood by assistive technology.

As featured in the Ember Times (June 5th, 2020)