Ember New Lang RFC: Merged!

`ember new --lang` Ember CLI flag RFC merged!

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The collaboration with Joseph Sumner, Jamie White, Melanie Sumner and myself has been a massive success and a great step forward for A11y.

As we wrap up the Ember A11y Strike Team and transition to a Working Group for Digital Accessibility it's great to wrap up with a big win. The biggest win I was a part of was the writing and merging of the Ember New Lang RFC which introduces an ember new --lang to set a default language for new Ember applications.

This RFC introduces the --lang flag as an option for ember new, ember init, and ember addon commands within the Ember CLI. The feature targets the ember-cli build process -- specifically, when generating the file for the application's entry point at app/index.html. If the flag is used with a valid language code, it will assign the lang attribute in the file's root element to that code. The lang attribute is formally defined within the current HTML5 specification; it is used to specify the base human language of an element or a document in a way that can be programmatically understood by assistive technology.

All motivations, design details and more can be found in the RFC's markdown. We had a lot of great collaboration at every step of the process making this a wonderful project to be a part of.

In fact, we'll be working together on more Ember projects in the future! Stay tuned...

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