No Longer Attending Ember Conf 2020 (EDIT: Virtual Conf!)

"A11y First, and Everyone Wins" will still be published later as a recorded video and open source repository.

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UPDATE: 03/18/2020

Ember Conf 2020 went virtual! My talk was given and there were requests for follow-up A11y content which I'll strongly consider creating. I'll be sure to post the talk recording when it's available.

Alas due to the increasing concerns from the CDC and Allovue's employees travel advisory I have decided to no longer attend and give my talk "A11y First, and Everyone Wins" next week. It was a decision not made lightly and I'm told there's another A11y backup talk by a speaker who's able to attend in my stead, so look forward to that!

More details are to come, but my plan will be to record the talk to be uploaded online along with the open source code.

In the meantime, stay safe friends!