Coming Out Again - NB

Queer folx are always coming out again and again. So, let's run the tape once more! Non-binary edition.

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Today marks a week of wearing breasts forms and a bra during nearly all waking hours. The experience has been truly unbelievable to me... It's something I never knew I needed, yet I've always known in a way.

But, wait you may be thinking. Doesn't that mean you're transitioning towards becoming a trans-woman? Well, yes and no. This does hit many of the checkboxes for a transition, but I have been gender-fluid with an androgynous aesthetic for a long time.

To me, this is the next step to androgyny. A step I've decided, with the support of my loved ones, paints me as being ready to embrace non-binary and what that means to me.

Ive just returned from DinosaurJS, a conference in Denver CO, where I proudly dressed in exclusively women's clothing with these breasts forms in public for the entire duration of the trip. I sported the conference's They/Them pronoun badge proudly.