Arizona K-12 School Finance

Insight into Arizona's Education Funding, the future in school transparency.

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Note: This is an article backfill, meaning I neglected my blog for some time and inserted this article back into history as for when it happened.

In a new initiative for my work at Allovue we are beginning a trend of creating solutions for helping states meet transparency requirements around education funding. It all began with a partnership with the state of Arizona to build their transparent edfinance public portal.

Transparency means access and understanding Education stakeholders at every level—legislators, educators, tax payers, and more—should be able to quickly and easily access and understand school funding and spending data.

I'm ecstatic to announce that the Arizona Public Portal is Live!

Of note is a major feature I took the lead on as a senior software engineer building out the most advanced feature on the site, the Comparison Report which allows multiple schools or districts within the state of Arizona to be analyzed apples to apples.

This project was built using the Phoenix framework, with the fairly expected stack of Elixir, Ecto and Tailwind. Along the way we've been building out and leveraging a private Phoenix LiveView powered design system.