Dev'ing on Linux is Fun!

Iloveplaying with my dotfiles. No, really, I could have played video games before bed but here I am up lateagaincustomizing my tooling stack. It's a weird passion I have. I blame my former mentorToran Billups, but I digress.

Why Linux?

In the past six years I've bounced between being a web app developer on Windows and MacOS. It should go without saying that Windows has given me numerous struggles, especially in an enterprise software environment.

Recently we hit a wall. Ember would take over ten minutes to build and the more complicated apps were closer to twenty-five minutes. I've been not only throwing away countless development hours watching slow builds and build failures, but worse yet it's been causing burnout.

So we flipped the desk. I chose Linux over MacOS because, well, I'd hoped it would be fun and different... it has been!

The Result

Dracula themed terminal prompt

Put simply, I'm finally able to use the tools that even on MacOS didn't run well. I was able to refer back tomy previous articles on writing dotfileswhile making adjustments for the platform, the fact that it's 2018, and to change things up just a little. I find it beautiful and familiar.

Terminal — Hyper

I push my terminal a little, but not too hard. As a visual person doing web development,Hyperis perfect for me.

It feels lightning quick on my linux box and is simply gorgeous withdracula themeapplied. I followed their "Install using config file" instructions while manually git cloningthe repofor Hyper to find. The configuration is a.jsfile which is bonus points for me.

Shell — Fish

Previously I recommended using Zshwith a bunch of customizations. Now, I justinstall Fishwhich is configured nicely right out of the box.

Anunofficial dracula themeis available as well! I kept the prompt it comes with too which is nice.

NeoVim and Tmux

Overall I'm still rocking the sameNeoVim setupandTmux setupI've recommended in the past. Some personal minor adjustments likenumber relativenumberwhich is a new favorite vim config of mine, and I'm pretty satisfied with it.