Dotfiles 2021 - Ghost Comet

Fish, Tmux, Kitty and NeoVim with some modern plugins. Available for Linux and OSX.

🍿 1 min. read

Ghost Comet, the sequel to Space Octopus and Void Dragon has been dropped over on my GitLab.

It features a Fish shell, Tmux auto-loading that pairs well with NeoVim, and the Kitty terminal emulator. This combines together to offer cool features like font ligatures, superb fuzzy finding with some of the latest NeoVim LUA support, with Linux and OSX support with similar UI.

Follow the README's in the directories to get started. This assumes some level of knowledge around the terminal, tmux and linux. For assistance though I've included some help accessible within neovim by pressing <Leader>? (where the <Leader> key is the Spacebar). Enjoy!